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Those Pesky Humans $49.95 $8.95
Publisher: Minion Games
by melissa s. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/26/2009 11:38:38

I received this game for Christmas. My wife had downloaded and printed it at work so it was ready to play on Christmas day! Game is fun to play. The artwork, and flavor text is amusing and well designed. The game concept is similar to the PC game Dungeon Keeper, with one side playing the Pesky Humans, and the other in the role of the monsters. After one time playing my impression is good. Some minor issues not covered in the rules, for example is movement of characters allowed through other characters both friendly and opposing. We made a house rule to cover it and moved on. The quick notes regarding game play says the final stage of a player turn is discard, yet the rules mention one sentence about discard and it is mixed with another rule entirely. We quickly came to a conclusion and moved on. The game seems to favor the Monsters ( as implied by the game title ) Now whether that was luck of the draw, better strategy, or our house rules or some combination there of is hard to tell. We both had fun and will be playing again soon. So I would highly recommend this game!

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for leaving a review! You can go through creatures (player or monster) that are on your own side without problem. If you go through an enemy you take 1 hit. The problem you had with the discard phase is cause the game was sped up a lot in it's 1.2 version and so some rules were removed - now there is no longer any need for a discard phase so ignore that.

All other FAQ stuff you can find at our website

Also not the 1.3 version has been sent to the printers and should be for sale by Summer. Since you bought it here we'll send you a discount coupon to buy it direct minus what you paid for the PnP product.

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Those Pesky Humans
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