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Night Horrors: Wicked Dead $19.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Scott M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/07/2010 08:35:20

This is, in some respects, a tricky book to tackle. On the one hand, the later third of the book - dealing with vampire specific monsters (the Strix, Dampyr, Draugr & Larvae) is a veritable gold mine of delight. The systems and narrative support for each of these offers lot of value to ongoing Vampire games and is a very worthwhile addition to the line.

The middle third of the book, however, is somewhat less weighty. Although it purports to deal with 'vampire type' creatures using (for convenience sake) the 'Vampire' rules, many of the entries feel extraneous. I suspect, in point of fact, that most would feel more at home in other game lines entirely.

As such, if you do run/play any of the other White Wolf lines, much of this book's middle section may feel more valuable but speaking from a strictly 'Vampire' point of view, much of it seems .. unnecessary. Some of these creatures are interesting and some, encountered sparingly, may even make for a nice change of pace in a 'Vampire' game, but the selling point of this book lies in the final third, not the second.

In terms of layout, design, accessibility, writing & art, all of White Wolf's traditionally high standards are hewn too nicely. It is a gorgeous book to look at and an intriguing one to read. Bear simply in mind that as a companion to 'Vampire' games, 1/3 of the book is extremely valuable and 1/3 is of middling worth. (The first 1/3 is the introduction & set-up for what follows)

(5 stars for the last third, 3 for the second third .. so an overall average of 4 stars given)

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Night Horrors: Wicked Dead
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