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Tome of Horrors Revised
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Publisher: Necromancer
por Robert G. [Comprador verificado] Fecha en que fue añadido: 03/12/10 10:27:17

I could not recommend another monster book more. This is a bestiary in the classical style, containing brief descriptions of interesting monsters. The bulk of the monsters are old school oddities like the Caryatid Column. It includes such creatures as the Greater Medusa, gleefully lifted from the original Clash of the Titans movie, and now translated from AD&D into D&D 3.5. While the monsters vary in utility from "pure awesome" to "so peculier it's surprising to see it even in a book such as this" it is almost a certainty this amazing tome will yield at least a few entries that speak to you at some aesthetic level.

The monsters originally included in this volume where those licensed from Wizards because they had no plans to update them, and thanks to the OGL, they made the transition from 3.0 to 3.5 Since that time, some of the monsters have been re-interpreted for 3e. This book is an excellent opportunity to look at more classic treatments of those monsters, in addition to saving you a few bucks looking around for obscure updates scattered across the entire game line.

The fine folks at Paizo saw fit to adopt some of these critters and take them home, and I personally agree. Whether you are a 3e diehard or a Pathfinder convert, I give this book my strongest recommendation.

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Tome of Horrors Revised
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