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Bloode Island $3.95 $3.00
Publisher: Deep7
by David K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/10/2010 20:55:34

Bloode Island is another fantastic 1PG (one page) RPG designed by Deep7. The game attempts to capture the fast-paced swashbuckling genre portrayed by many favorite Hollywood films. This 13 page file includes bookmarks, a color cover page, a page with table of contents and legal disclaimer, and a page of character sheets (two character sheets on one page, which could be readily customizable to a 3x5 inch index card). A brief discussion of the referee’s job follows, along with ship combat rules (which works well in application, but is designed to quick and deadly, much like all 1PG combats, actually). Character creation rules are condensed onto a single page (hence “1PG”) with a muriad of options of game play. Some pirates may be criminals, soldiers, or priests with a history as a native savage, battle hardened lifestyle, or may fit the stereotype as a grimy wanted lawbreaker. An initial character has a small chance of having their own ship, too!

This game provides the perfect opportunity to create an evening of fun, cued with dramatic music and good food and drink. My favorite application of the game is for its quick use for play-by-post or email games. Character creation is fun and easy, taking about five minutes. I think I spent more time crafting a gritty pirate-sounding name than I did with allocating build points! Too often in on-line correspondence games, people invest heavily in characters only to see the plot draw long or get muddled in rules. Bloode Island inspires the imagination, condenses the rules for quick reference or impromptu adjudication (e.g. No tables exist for equipment pricing, but I created a simple rule for weapons and armor costs that took two minutes; it is not perfectly balanced, but won’t disturb game play nor empower munchkin gamers, either.). If the referee finds themselves strapped for time, Bloode Island includes SIX adventures that includes genre-appropriate goals and basic antagonists with simple statistic blocks. This game has all of the fun of a roaring good time on a tropical island…without the guilt of a hangover or fear of a press gang!

Additionally, the Yahoo! Group supporting this product also offers a free four page article on the use of "Island Mojo," or a simplistic magic system of curses and black magic from wicked island natives.

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Bloode Island
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