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Blessed by Poison (4e) $2.95
Publisher: Sneak Attack Press
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/24/2010 23:20:08

The "hook" for this adventure is a bit of a cliché: local hero goes missing, and the PCs are hired to find him. However, there's an interesting twist, and the adventure does a good job of showcasing a number of different D&D 4e concepts. Combat against customized monsters, skill challenges, terrain features, diseases—there's a little bit of everything here, reasonably well-executed. The writing isn't stellar, and there are a few grammatical mistakes and such that slipped through proofreading. I certainly wouldn't call this adventure a must-have, but you could have a lot of fun running this adventure for a group of new players or as a diversion from a higher-level campaign. DMs can also mine the adventure for ideas, especially some of the new creatures.

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Blessed by Poison (4e)
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