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Palace of the Galactic Emperor $2.99
Publisher: Sonic Legends
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/04/2010 17:49:38

"Palace of the Galactic Emperor" by Christy Carew does a great job of evoking a cinematic sense of epic power. It's not necessarily the music you want to play when the PCs are fighting the big bad; it would probably work better under a social encounter with a major authority figure. Although the piece makes a wonderful addition to Sonic Legends' sci-fi line, as the title suggests, this soundscape doesn't contain any sci-fi sound effects as such. There are no bleeps or whooshes that suggest any particular technology. Therefore, you could easily use it in a fantasy or modern setting as well as a futuristic one. I could have this track looping all morning while I work. One minor complaint: the ID3 tags have the track name as "Galactic Emperor," while the product description page calls it "Palace of the Galactic Emperor." That glitch is slightly annoying, but doesn't detract from the ambience this soundscape creates.

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Palace of the Galactic Emperor
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