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Caltrops $2.00
Publisher: Hudspeth Games
by erathoniel w. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/12/2010 14:00:55

This is original. It's got a lot of background that is interesting, but not necessary. It is basically a time waster for in between rounds, and I think it's pretty high-quality. The presentation is professional, and the games are well described. It's not perfect, since it's so simple and could use a little more, but it's priced right.

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Creator Reply:
Hey, thanks for the review, Erathoniel.
"It is basically a time waster for in between rounds..."
Heh, heh. That sums it up pretty well from a certain point of view. And that was the goal — a little bit of flavor that was easy to learn and simple enough to implement quickly so as not to divert too much time from the plundering of the dungeon. Plus, the rules are simple enough you can remember them readily for a distraction before a session, while you're waiting for the GM to get his butt moving!
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