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Hot Chicks 3: Dangerous Curves $1.95 $1.56
Publisher: Dakkar Unlimited
by RAISTLIN W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/19/2010 04:35:53

I'm frequently not that crazy about Dakkar's art, but this paper miniatures set manages to be sexy without being exploitative or obnoxious. You get a very wide variety of female characters in modern, fantasy, or sci-fi clothing with action-movie gear. While not everyone would want to send their character into battle in a bikini, there are more than enough characters in sexy-but-sensible outfits to use.

The figures are just a shade too small to really be 25mm -- the total height is right, but to look OK with 25mm terrain and miniatures it's the PICTURE that should be 25mm and not the cardboard. The characters are noticeably too small unless you're using ALL Dakkar miniatures.

On the flip side, the character portraits are detailed enough (and the resolution enormous enough) that you could conceivably zoom in and print out just a single character to use as a portrait on your character sheet.

If the figures were just SLIGHTLY bigger and the product was split up between multiple pages by genre (modern on page 1, fantasy on page 2, etc.) I'd have given this product five stars without reservation.

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Hot Chicks 3: Dangerous Curves
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