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Communities (City Builder Volume 1) $3.99
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by Martin M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/14/2011 12:11:27

City Builder Volume 1: Communities With “Communities” Skirmisher Publishing started the City Builder Series. While adventures in fantasy RPGs often take place outside of civilized places, characters typically head for settlements for trade, healing, worship,… When the adventure takes place inside a community, information about it becomes even more important for the GM. For this, the City Builder Series is quite valuable. Now, before going into details about special places (e.g. craftsman, entertainment, tradesman, service, scholarly, religious,…), this volume number one takes a look at different communities. Naturally in big cities there is a greater diversity in everything available. Types of buildings vary with size of settlement. Non-human settlements are discussed as well as special purpose communities, e.g. plantations and military bases. It is discussed which kind of fortification can be expected for what type of town. Further there is a chapter about disasters. (Your PCs are in town, thus, what else do you expect?!) This does include hazards like e.g. fire and flood as well as famine and plague – and effects of war. Dealing with and influence of this calamities are treated. While it is $3.99 for 36 pages (including OGL and some good drawings), this e-Book (comes even in high resolution and in printer friendly version) can give more details to your settlements. (On the other hand, you should think about getting the complete City Builder Compilation.)

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Communities (City Builder Volume 1)
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