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The Sanctuary Ruin $2.95
Publisher: Ludibrium Games
by Shotgun G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/03/2010 17:41:47

The Sanctuary Ruin is a nice little mini adventure, that could well be used as part of a main campaign; or run as a one off.

Designed to be run through systems like Labyrinth Lord or ORSIC, it has that old-school feel about the whole thing. A mystery surrounds the area of Blackmarsh, with patrols going missing and rumours of goblins in the nearby woods. The stage is set for a classic adventure, with evil; dungeons and a little treasure along the way.

Its a nice little supplement, that could well be converted to newer systems; giving you a ready made side quest or plot hook for futher adventures.

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The Sanctuary Ruin
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