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Bushido $19.95 $10.00
Publisher: Fantasy Games Unlimited
by Brandon S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/23/2005 10:39:36

Bushido is a game that I was aware of in the 80's when I was playing Ad&D and TMNT RPG. I was curious about it but never bought it or played it. So I decided to download it and try it out.

The bottom line is this, Bushido is an awesome game. There is a certain nostolgic appeal to this game. I have read the book but have yet to play it. I have made two characters a Yakuza and Budoka.

I feel that this game is a refreshing change from this current trend of glossy art and 1,000 sourcebooks. Bushido is not a munchkin or power gamer's game. It is a game that forces it's players to think about creating a complex character to adventure in a complex society.

This game is not without it's faults. It is set up in a confusing layout. There are no chapters and some of the rules seem out of place. The type is very small and the artwork is not the best.

All this being said though I have overlooked these flaws. I just wish the FGU would get there act together and get this game revised. I do not feel that this game should be given a third edition, just a revision.

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