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Nathan Winburn Illustration: Dark Fantasy Vol. One Stock Art $19.99 $13.33
Publisher: Skortched Urf' Studios
by Joe K. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/05/2010 11:39:34

Dark Fantasy is a hodge podge of different types of illustration that don't necessarily go together with one another save for the 'dark' theme. The file includes instructions on using the illustrations, as well as bookmarks. The weird thing I found about the bookmarks is that they don't do a page by page break down, but rather, an alphabetical breakdown. Confusing if you use the bookmark to get somewhere and look at the bookmark expecting the next illustraton to follow the next bookmark but more of an eye trick than anything else.

The illustrations are heavily detailed in black and white. The art is evocative, but suffers in that much of it is 'busy'. For example, there is an elemental mage whose hands burn with arcane power and whose hooded visage hides his true intentiosn. But in his control of the earth, causing it to break off and float about him, several pieces are right next to him or literaly ontop of him or seemingly to be ontop of him, obscruing some of the figure detail.

The art, in my opinion, tends to work best when its the character, with all of the lovely detail the artist puts into it, in a more visible manner such as the undead gunslinger smoking a cig. There are some background elements like rolling smoke, but they are more in the background and do not overwhelm the character art.

The product also seems such a mash of different types of illustration, that it weakens the overall product. Is a viking warrior dark? If a lion headed shaman dark? By doing stronger themes, I think the artist could have done a product whose overall utility would be easier to determine.

These are relatively minor detractions though and if based on the cover and previews you enjoy the material, you should place an order quickly as the package is currently on slae for $14.99, $5,00 over it's initial cover price.

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Nathan Winburn Illustration: Dark Fantasy Vol. One Stock Art
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