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Monster Brief: Halloween Horrors $1.99 $1.37
Publisher: Misfit Studios
by Thomas B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/26/2010 12:19:38

This is Part 2 of Misfit Studios' Halloween PDFs, a collection of Halloweenish monsters for your Savage Worlds game. Though they are intended for a fantasy game, with a bit of work most of them could probably work in most settings.

Up first is the Death Dragon, which is actually a template and not a true monster in and of itself. Just take any Dragon and apply the template. It retains its intellect as well, so it definitely just makes the dragon more dangerous.

The effigas are spirits that like to possess objects, and we get two in this supplement: Doll effigas and Scarecrow effigas. The scarecrow, especially, has the very real possibility of being scary if the players aren't thinking.

Plague wraiths are tragic and dangerous, but not really evil. They are victims of disease who cannot rest in peace...and inadvertantly spread it.

Reapers are what you think, and about as scary. They share many of the traits of the Undead, though they do not serve evil...just death...and if they are locked in on a target, there's not much shaking them.

Though a definite horror theme is prevalent here, the effigas are the only things that really SCREAM "Halloween". I do always like it when Death is portrayed as neutral and not evil, and the Reapers uphold that: Everyone dies...they just make sure of it. Halloween Horrors is a good product that is really only held back by how great several of the other releases are.

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Monster Brief: Halloween Horrors
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