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Thrilling Tales 2e: The Malay Coins $5.00
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Jeffrey V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/26/2010 14:23:17

This is a surprisingly good adventure, involving the players in a unique way (they have the opportunity to foil a robbery at the museum) and taking them on a world-spanning chase to recover a series of coins that lead the way to a vast treasure plundered centuries before. Along the way, they will confront the dreaded Pirate Queen of the South China Sea, and even face a group of skeleton warriors cursed long ago by one of the original owners of the treasure lost at sea. The plot mechanisms are fresh and exciting for most gamers and the touch of occult is perfect if your campaign runs that way. As usual, the adventure is easily converted to other systems and, while somewhat linear, the very nature of the coins themselves (and who has them) means that they can be sought in any order depending on the clues the players find. A worthy GM will take time to make sure that there are clues to at least one other coin in each location where a coin can be found, and will also ensure (a la Gumshoe) that the clues ARE found. The villain-ess is vile and beautiful (as all such should be) and will be a definite problem for the players, perhaps even returning in future adventures if she survives this one. There are enough plot hooks buried in the adventure to keep our players involved in the Far East for some time, if the GM so desires, and overall, this adventure is a must.

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Thrilling Tales 2e: The Malay Coins
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