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The Invictus
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Publisher: White Wolf
by Enrique F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/11/2010 07:48:09

This is a good book. It follows the standard structure of all covenant books (a chapter about their history, another about their organization, another about unlife among them, etc), but I found this book more enjoyable than many the others. It helps a lot if you want to make neonate characters feel like they have a chance to earn a reputation despite elders dominance, specially with the addition of guilds, knight orders and many other ways to give players plenty of tools to make their way in the covenant. Also, the Blood Oaths (the "invictus sorcery", to simplify it) was a very interesting part of this book.

I must admit for us the Invictus was "that old obsolete covenant no players want their characters to belong to", but after this book it has become a far more interesting option.

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The Invictus
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