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Hero System Equipment Guide $17.50
Publisher: Hero Games
by Stu V. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/17/2010 17:03:33

I wish I had this book when I was prepping my last game.

It contains hundreds of weapons, from medieval weapons, both historic and modern fire arms, scifi weapons and Superheroic weapons (which include point costs for Superheroic rules).

There are lists of different types of armor from different eras, including information for sectional army by hit location. There's also a informative section on the practicality of armor in games and rules to coax PCs out of their armor occasionally.

The HSEG doesn't cover vehicles, but there are several examples of "weird science" and Superheroic movement equipment (ie, suction cup climbers, arm wings, jet boots, rocket surfboard, etc.).

This is a great boon for those of us who find Hero game prep a bit daunting.

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Hero System Equipment Guide
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