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BattleLands 15mm Normandy: 1944 Set A-Buildings $10.00
Publisher: Microtactix
by John M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/02/2011 15:10:51

Cheap, easy and great quality for the price. I've been using the Normandy building set for years now. Originally intended as a stop-gap while I built up a collection of more expensive commercially made 15mm buildings, I found that with this set I have little need for others buildings. I recommend printing them out in high quality then gluing the paper to a more solid material, like balsa or bass wood, then mounting to a base

The road and river tiles are nothing special, but this set is about buildings not groundscape. "20 Buildings" is misleading, as they are not all proper buildings. However, many include dormers and attached outbuildings that are optional and can be used to create more variety. While some buildings are similar to each other, there is minimal pattern repetition across the entire set. The insides of the chimneys need to be darkened to look better. I did not care for the Church, it just seams too small and compacted giving the architecture cartoon like dimensions.

The only complaints I've had from players are that I made my initial set with the roofs permanently attached. The buildings aren't really designed to be able to place models inside, but gamers like this so the next set I make out I will leave the roofs a separate piece.

Considering that these are just cut-and-fold paper buildings, despite its few issues I felt this set was a great deal and exceptionally useful for the price.

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BattleLands 15mm Normandy: 1944 Set A-Buildings
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