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#30 Haunts for Houses (PFRPG) $2.96
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/24/2011 16:25:39

30 Haunts for Houses by Rite Publishing

This product is 14 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and Introduction. (3 pages)

Common Minor Haunts (2 ½ pages) There is 10 common haunts, they happen more often. As the ghosts doing it are doing something that was common to them in life. They are fairly minor and easy haunts to deal with. Most are very good simple haunts, a couple are a bit more involved.

Associated Haunts (½ page) There is only 3 such haunts in the book. Really only one with how they work. This is a great idea for haunts, they are haunts tied to one another and can trigger a series of them. Love the idea and the one sample three connected haunts is good, I just wish there had been more.

Haunts (3 ½ pages) This section as general haunts. There is 17 new haunts in this section they are all good, some better than others. There was one I questioned the CR on, it felt a bit strong to me. But all and all a nice collection of haunts to use in your games.

Pers Veilborn (1 ½ pages) A NPC that specializes in knowing about haunts. He is a 5th level divine channeler, all the rules you need to use the NPC is presented in the book.

It ends with a OGL and 2 pages of ads. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. The artwork is nice with a old style to them. Not sure if they are all public domain or not. The artwork is black and white, not great but nice. The vast majority of the haunts are very good and if you like haunts you will enjoy them. There was a couple of was meh about and a couple I was not sure about the CR given, but most I thought where great. The layout and editing is top notching I didn't notice any obvious errors in the product.

Now the product is not perfect, there is one problem with it and a nit-pick about it. The problem is the NPC uses a new class from another Rite Publishing product, Secrets of Divine Channeling. Yet the PC makes no mention of where the class comes from. You don't need the book to use the NPC as is, as the rules are provided but it would have been nice. Especially if the NPC leveled up or was used as a PC or something. Another minor issue I had was I would have liked to have a bit more fluff with each haunt, to help sell it. Most have enough to make them creepy but a bit more would have been nice.

The nitpick was... I wanted more, what is here is good. But I would have loved if they had done 30 common haunts, 30 haunts and 30 associated haunts in three separate books. I really felt each section of haunts was plenty strong enough to stand up on their own. So whats my rating? Well I liked most of the haunts in the book, though a bit more fluff and well more haunts would have been nice. There was a couple of haunts I didn't agree with as I mentioned and then the one issue with the NPC. So I am settling for a 4 star.

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#30 Haunts for Houses (PFRPG)
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