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EABA Verne character creator v1.0 $0.00
Publisher: BTRC
by Mike P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/04/2011 15:25:15

A As a long-time DM who has to convince other people to take time to make a character, I am a huge fan of character generators. Finding a good one is always a challenge, so BRTC's Character Creator for the Verne RPG is a real boon. This interactive PDF is good fun for steampunk fans who aren't interested in playing Verne at all, as the first steps in character creation is simply answering questions in character. When you're done, you hit "calculate," and your character race and profession are generated, based on the answers you gave. There's an option to do this randomly as well, but random or calculated, a character creator as cool as this adds up to one thing: less time messing around with character creation mechanics to devote more time to game play! Two thumbs up to BRTC for producing this little number. Other systems should take a page from BRTC's book and release aesthetically pleasing, bug-free character creators. It's fun to roll dice, but as a DM, it's more fun to get people into playing as fast as you can, and the EABA Verne Character Creator definitely does that. There's a version in the download for the iPad as well, but I could not review, as I don't own one.

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EABA Verne character creator v1.0
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