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EABA Verne character creator v1.0 $0.00
Publisher: BTRC
by Mark L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/06/2011 16:22:14

Dandy character generator, if you have the required software to work this advanced pdf. As handy as it is, it will not work on a Mac with Apple's own pdf tool, Preview; instead you have to use Adobe's Reader, which some Mac users install reluctantly. Similarly, the pdf for the iPad, which would be quite useful, requres PDFExpert, software which itself costs $10.

At least on the Mac, you cannot print to pdf from the Adobe Reader, which means you cannot save a digital version of the character generated (which is a serious pain). This apparent limitation and the requirement for specific pdf software dropped what would otherwise be a better rating from me.

The operation of the generator is substantively quite impressive, but you have to read through the instructions, which are quite wordy. If you don't reset first, for example, it takes several seconds between clicks for the data input sheet to respond; enough to imply (incorrectly) that it is not working.

It would be wonderful if such a character generator could be generalized for other systems, FATE in particular.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
As the designer of the product, I have to concur with most of the criticisms. I am a Mac user as well, and I wish Preview had more features. I'm also an iPad user. Only a few iPad pdf readers support forms and internal Javascript at the time I am writing this, but I am hoping that with time and competition, this functionality will trickle down to free or really cheap apps. Despite the significant time and effort expended in creating it, these reasons are why this was released as a free product. Despite its limits, I'm glad the reviewer liked it, and hopefully I'll do similar creators for future projects.
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EABA Verne character creator v1.0
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