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Field Guide to Superheroes Vol. 2 (ICONS) $7.95
Publisher: Vigilance Press
by John P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/10/2011 16:19:17

This is a solid effort by Tondro. The example characters are a mixed bag in this book too, but seem to be better than Volume One. The Road Scholar is one of my favorites, and his new power of Super-Vehicle is a great addition to the ICONS system. The problems I have with it are relatively minor. The Inspiration is a nice addition too. I don't know how it will work in play, with the wrong game master, it might be used to short circuit adventures, and players who don't get enough information, might think it was a waste of a power, but it is a good idea.

I still think that the price for the page count is a little high. I think $5.00 would make it a better deal. The use of all caps makes reading long paragraphs difficult. The Jungle Hero and Feral Hero examples are a little too similar and could have been combined in my opinion.

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Field Guide to Superheroes Vol. 2 (ICONS)
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