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Thrilling Tales 2e: The Malay Coins $5.00
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Samuel K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/06/2011 20:22:56

If I could give half-star ratings here, I'd probably give this a 3.5 - I like it better than the Radio Marauders but not quite as much as the Valley of Mystery or Curse of the Jade Monkey. It's good, but it feels more like a sketch or outline than a fully developed adventure. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though - as they say, it is designed in such a way as to make for easy expansion by the GM into a series of more detailed adventures, which I suspect most GMs will want to do. Again, no maps (I'm contractually obligated to complain about that ... ). There are some errors as well (e.g., Li-Ming Jade's Parry score should be 9, not 7), but nothing too serious. Recommended, but only after you get Valley and Curse.

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Thrilling Tales 2e: The Malay Coins
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