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Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG) $12.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dawn F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/29/2011 18:44:31

Conclusions: This 111 page document is just exactly what its title above claims, a book of monster templates. But there are templates, such as the types that appear at the back of the Pathfinder Bestiary which give some useful options for Game Masters to apply to monsters; and there are templates which don’t just stop at useful. This book contains the later kind. The Monster templates in this book are thoroughly detailed and contain complete information on how to create the different creatures out of the “normal” monsters in the Bestiary and other supplements. But this goes far beyond mere templates. First of all each and every one of these contains a fully fleshed out altered creature using the template. Included in the description for each is a full stat block, an in-character blurb, a lore section with information a PC may learn along with appropriate DCs, a full description of any new monstrous feats the creature uses, and to top it all off an “Ecology Encounter” and its EL. A few Templates contain new spells and one even has a new type of disease in place of a monstrous feat. Each Template also includes an illustration of a sample creature. The art ranges from very well done to sufficiently representative, but none that I would consider bad art. This is a must-have for any GM who wants to create encounters for his game that are out of the ordinary. From some interesting variations on an old theme to some dramatically different creations (like the Aware Arcana) that stand out above the rest, the templates this book holds are brilliant tools for GMs who wish to create encounters that far exceed the ordinary. The Sample Creatures for each one as well as the other superb additions make this worth a full 5 stars. If there were any errors, I didn’t spot them. But I must admit I was too busy marveling at the content and planning how to inflict some of these on my players.

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Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG)
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