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As mentioned by the other reviewers, this is the Castle Keeper’s Screen for the Castles & Crusades game. This product includes all of the most important charts the CK will need to run his game, including but not limited to: Character class abilities through level 12, Attribute Checks (the Siege Engine), Combat Actions and Modifiers, Surprise Chart and Effects, Situational Combat Modifiers, Experience Point Charts, Intelligence Chart, Giant Strength Chart, Encumbrance, Saving Throws, Vision Charts, Weapons and Armor Statistics and the based Treasure Chart found in the Monsters & Treasures book. All in all, this is a classic example of how a GM screen (CK screen in this case) is supposed to function.

All of the charts needed to adjudicate a C&C game are here. These charts are well placed and not crowded (perfect amount of white space). Every CK should own one of these.

Troll Lord Games have included the front, artwork side of these screens in this download.

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Castles & Crusades CK Screens
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