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Spellbound Kingdoms Combat Primer $0.00
Publisher: T. Shield Studios
by TurboBeholder C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/31/2011 00:01:24

Very interesting. Great stuff:

  • Styles choreography.
  • Motivation mechanics. Flaws:
  • Generic weapon/armor "quality", while has a point (heh), ignores things important for the fencing era tactics. E.g. weapons designed to punch through a specific sort of armor, but not inflict on unarmored more damage than a lowly knife. Conversely, light mail good is good vs. slashing weapons, but not much against crushing or stabbing. * Given that "interesting tactics" seems to be the main advantage, it's a flaw.
  • A warrior can't "go through his forms in the coat closet" and burst out with the best move. But he's free to go through his forms against one opponent and then turn with the best move at another, who just walked in? Dubious:
  • Some styles' graphs look plain weird, starting with archery.
  • 1d6+1 gives the same average as 1d8, and so on. Is it really better to increase/decrease die size than give a flat bonus/penalty to the same? It counts as simple with 1-2 dice set, but SK switches them every round, so this only increases dice-juggling without obvious benefit.

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Spellbound Kingdoms Combat Primer
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