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Publisher: Radical Approach
by David V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/20/2011 20:13:13

I enjoyed this book a great deal. The resolution systems has a unique twist on the roll and keep system found in such games as Legend of the 5 Rings rpg. The resolution is based on an attribute roll that determines the number of dice rolled and the skill determines the type of die rolled. So someone with an agility of 2 and a skill of D6 would roll 2d6. This can be scaled up or down to 1d8 or down to 3d4. You keep the highest die and compare it to a difficulty or opposed roll. There is a margin of success that can raise the success level of things like damage based on how well you do the task. I did like the idea of being scaled up and down. This system runs throughout the game.

The damage system is result based with a wound level system ranging from superficial to mortal wounds that can occur with one well-placed shot.

The character system is path and skill based. The magic system reminds me a bit of Lord of the Rings rather than D&D. The book ways in at 340 pages and was well worth the 9.99 PDF cost or 24 dollar softback print copy


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Crimson Exodus
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