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Wild Talents: Progenitor
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Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Christopher R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/02/2011 16:09:52

For those storytellers looking for a comprehensive and well designed superhero setting, this book is worth the purchase. Progenitor takes advantage of the well designed system and then adds mechanics to make the players able to alter things on a global scale, be they social or physical changes. As for the setting, the themes of responsibility and family are intrinsically tied to every player, since your powers can pass on to almost ANYONE you use them on, good or bad. And since you got your powers from someone, a natural family tree is created of supers who not only know one another but in many ways are responsible for their abilities. I've never seen a better thought out superhero setting. Period. Combine that with the most abstract, comprehensive and quick rules set I've come across to date, you won't be disappointed.

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Wild Talents: Progenitor
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