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Mandate Archive: Bruxelles-class Battlecruiser $0.00
Publisher: Sine Nomine Publishing
por Jonathan S. [Comprador verificado] Fecha en que fue añadido: 09/21/11 06:40:50

A supplement for Stars Without Number, this describes the now-almost extinct Bruxelles Class Battlecruiser. A history is included back at the height of the Terran Mandate before The Scream. Now they are rare wrecks, and invite investigation by player characters.

Also included are statistics for the Battlecruiser along with new weapons. All of them frightening. Adventure seeds are provided as well.

As with all Stars Without Numbers material, the focus is on creating a good situation for a good story. I confess I am a total fan of Kevin Crawford's work. Plenty to stimulate a GM's imagination here!

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Mandate Archive: Bruxelles-class Battlecruiser
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