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EMG Mapper $10.00
Publisher: Emerald Giant
by Tex M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/28/2011 08:07:32

One of the best dungeon creators I have ever seen or used! EMG Mapper is a great product and will save me countless hours of dungeon creation. It is highly customisable; - with a bit of tinkering you can create anything from your standard run-of-the-mill dungeon (though high quality and very complex), to a intensely perplexing maze and all the way through to a City Block with shops on all sides!! Yes, that's right - an actual City Block! Whilst you can not save the maps directly from the program, all you need to do is "Preview" your newly created map and do a screen shot ("ALT" and "PrtScn") - from there you should be able to paste and save (PNG format worked best for me!) into most graphics app. ... allowing you to fine tune your map with even more levels of customisation! Plus help/support feedback was also good.

(Creating a City Block takes some tinkering to get out - and a small amount of "after-creation-editing" - as you use the generated rooms as individual shops; use Embracing Corridor; Rectangles - 100%; Large Rooms; Corridor Exits - doors 100%; Room Exits - doors 100%; Density - 100%; all Misc Settings & Exits 0% and a 20%/80% Room/Corridor Ratio. Only those rooms that front your main corridor/"Street" are shops, with the other rooms NOT fronting the corridor the homes of the shopkeepers plus back alleyways and other residential buildings ... the good thing is, because you have the option of all the rooms being numbered, if you develop a 1-100 table generator for city shops, what each shop on the block actually is is also pre-generated!! *Note for room numbers over 100, subtract 100.)

A marvellous product I can not speak highly enough of.

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EMG Mapper
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