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Agents of Oblivion $15.00
Publisher: Reality Blurs
by Tim N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/28/2011 17:06:39

I am a great fan of Savage Worlds and of the Laundry series by Charles Stross. AoO is a very nicely produced setting that allows you to play anything from a Bond movie to Spy-Cthulhu and X-Files to Men in Black, so I shall be using it to run a Laundry game as soon as I can find willing players. Crunch-wise, the setting has a built-in power-point-free magic system and a fast and furious "skill challenge" mechanic for complex multi-step tasks. A nice touch is the ability of the GM or "Director" to give agents Single Use Devices, these allow them to use any power in the rules ONE time, so you can give them the power to confront a dangerous foe without overpowering the players. Highly recommended.

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Agents of Oblivion
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