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BEAN! The D2 RPG Second Edition $3.00
Publisher: Fabled Worlds
by Kev W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/19/2011 11:53:03

This is a fantastic product and well worth the price, to be honest I would have happily paid more. Bean! is one of the best new RPG's I've seen for a long time. It's easy to learn, easy to play, great for kids and adults. I've not only had the regular magic the gathering group meetup playing this recently but also my children.

My son is only 5 and he loved drawing a picture of his Bean! character (he didn't look very Bean! like but he had fun). As it states in the rules the system is so simple it gives gives the reader no difficulty in being able to change it from a fantasy setting to - for example a sci-fi or even horror. nd this takes no time at all. And if you do use beans the kids love this. There are no guidelines for other settings and you are only given 3 fantasy archetypes and a few skills for these, but again the system is so simple it's easy to put something together and come up with some new skills.

The D2 system is just bliss and again is simple to understand and play. I'm not going to go into this as the price of the game alone is really a 'come and have a look'. Sometimes games this cheap leave you with a 'there is something missing' feeling, not Bean!. Buy it and play it, I'm keeping my fingers crossed there will be more Bean! products to buy soon. After I had read through the first time I thought, 'why is this so cheap'.

The inside is all black and white, with just the cover being in colour. The black and white artwork is quite simple and has that 'old school feel to it but does the job and I love the feel of reading through this and seeing the art it all comes together really nicely.

I've Bean!! playing since the first edition came out and this just improves on the 1st edition. I'm not going to go into any more detail, buy it, it's worth the price. Jeff has done a fantastic job here and I will look forward for what is to come. Bean! is rpg simplicity at it's very best, it wouldn't surprise me if this were picked up by a bigger publisher to be on the shelves in your local games shop in the next year or so. Fantastic!!!!!!!!


Kev (Trollhalla: Gevn)

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BEAN! The D2 RPG Second Edition
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