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Party of One: Leda $12.00 $6.00
Publisher: Expeditious Retreat Press
by Chet C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/16/2012 15:19:46

Possibly the most fun - and one of the longest! - of solo adventures I've played. It also runs well as a one-on-one adventure with one GM and one player! The characters are well defined and one is actually given real choices that seem (but aren't) unlimited. We have hoped for a sequel for years, and maybe if sales pick up - a LOT - we'll finally see another "Party of One" adventure.

WAY underpriced at $6.00! This price should be at least $10, if not more.

*jeep! and God Bless! --Grandpa Chet

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Party of One: Leda
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