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Deathwatch: Achilus Assault $39.95 $19.95
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
by Idle R. H. P. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/09/2012 20:20:26

This book is firmly in the fluff camp of RPG supplements. In fact, if you can’t get enough 40K fluff and art (yes, you’ll recognize pieces), then this could be a five-star product for you. As you would expect from a Fantasy Flight 40K product, this book looks good. There are over a hundred gorgeous pages of history, planet descriptions, characters and adventure seeds to read through. The book details (and by “details”, I mean writes about, not stats out) the Tyranid threat, the Chaos menace and the Tau presence in the Jericho Reach. There are a few beautiful star maps and lots of flavor.

What keeps this from being a five-star product for me, however, is the lack crunch. There’s a new relic and deed in the book, and there are some intriguing antagonists, the colony of nanoscopic robots called simuloptera being my favorite. The rules on how to play interactions with a particular Imperial commander also look like a lot fun. It left me wanting more, though. The star maps and art had me hoping for a starship deck plan. The Commander Ebongrave rules made me wish that all NPCs had their own rules.

The first rule of show business is that you should always leave them wanting more, and this book definitely did that. It also made me want to play in the Jericho Reach.

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Deathwatch: Achilus Assault
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