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La vía de las pukona
La vía de las pukona
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G-Core Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dilly Green Bean Games
by Ben G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/28/2012 11:13:30

To start off, the G-core book weighs in at 57 pages. That’s all you’ll need for a complete gaming experience, from character creation through all the rules and in-game examples of how to play. It’s a tight system designed to get you up and gaming as quickly as possible.

I’ll start with the price. At $2.25 you have before you an entire RPG at the cost of an impulse buy. I can sacrifice one cup of coffee today and have months worth of entertainment, and that’s something you can’t beat with a stick.

The mechanics of the game are very simple, using just one d10 to resolve all rolls. With just a touch of math, anyone can play, which makes this ideal for kids or people who don’t have much gaming experience. This makes it a very fast system as well. Character generation happens quickly and the group is free to jump right into the game.

Everything you need to play this is included in the 57 page PDF. Should you want more, there are a ton of freebies available for G-Core online. So you not only get the game for just over two bucks, but hundreds of pages of extras, additional rules, NPCs and any new errata that appears in between editions. If you’re looking for more material, there’s also a bevy of PDFs available at DTRPG for anywhere between $1 and $5.

If you have some older FASERIP materials hanging around, or would like to access any of the online material it can very easily be converted into the G-core system.

Jay is an incredibly accessible person. If you have a question or suggestion, he’s fast to act on it and is more than willing to update G-core when a good suggestion comes his way. He’s also very passionate about his games. He truly loves the hobby and creating, which shows in all of the freebies available for this system.

I had a great time playing G-core. I can highly recommend it as a great game for your group. It’s easy, can be played as a campaign or as a fun one-shot to take a break from an ongoing campaign and is just plain old fun. I can’t stress how good of a deal this is at $2.25. If you’re on the fence, get off it and go get this!

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