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War of the Dead: Chapter Four (Week 1) $1.99
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
by Keith B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/11/2012 22:02:03

Although the entire campaign is great, and a fantastically written adventure that I enjoy running (and my players enjoy playing) more than anything we have done to date... It looses 1 star for the amount of typos, misspellings, wrong words used, and total lack of proper editing and grammar. This is however easily over looked by a well prepared GM. Chapters 1-3 are wonderful in content and style... Chapter 4 however looses another star from me for 2 reasons, #1 is easily over looked and ignored: The new cover. With the other 3 chapters having the same cover with different colors, chapter 4 is a fully graphical cover and now looks out of place with the other 3. This, of course, is just coverings and not really important. The second reason this looses a star for me is far more important, to me anyway: The interior of the book is in Black & White/Gray Scale. Where the other 3 chapters were in minimal color, they were in color. Now not only does it look even more out of place with the new cover, but the sidebars appear as black areas on my iPad2 in iBook and are totally unreadable there. That was the whole point to me buying the iPad2 in the first place: So I didn't have to print up all these things and didn't have to try and find room at the gaming table for a laptop. So now I STILL have to spend even more cash on something else so I can read the sidebars. Either A) Buy a new app that will read the files properly (Then spend all the time moving all the other books over to the new app, and I have a ton of books on there) or B) Spend the time and money getting these printed up.

Over all, bad move Daring Entertainment. New cover I can live with, typos, misspellings, bad grammar, incorrect words, All of this I can live with. But B&W PDFs that I can not properly read on my iPad2 anymore? I dislike that more than words can say. The complete change of style is just a bad move for those of us who are more ascetically minded.

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War of the Dead: Chapter Four (Week 1)
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