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RGP011 - Sci-Fi Scenics - Set 1 - Hover Taxi and Hover Car $1.00
Publisher: Roleplay Geek Publishing
by David W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/23/2012 12:56:30

When I first printed out this model, and I looked it over, I saw some very disturbing items:

1) There was NO directions (other than one picture of a completed model on the front page). 2) There were series of difficult folds that had the tabs in the wrong places. 3) The "hover" mechanisms that mount underneath had no dicernable marks or explainations. I assumed that the "bands" were fold-over rings that had the hover disks mount on them.

I am an experienced modeller, so I was able to figure out the strange folds on the front pretty easily. I also noticed that the front and rear parts HAD to be assebled before you could connect the barrel, so by simply moving the tabs around, this was able to be fixed pretty quickly.

All in all, they promise a great looking model for a dollar!! They deliver! Not ONLY that, but the model comes in a half-dozen or so colors, and the end product does look very nice. I would have given this a higher rating (especially due to the very low price), but with the above mentioned problems, I feel that this is a fair rating.

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Creator Reply:

Thanks for the review and glad you liked the finished product. I'm sorry to hear that you experienced some issues with the build and I regret the lack of instructions and guidance.

I've recently moved over to a different production method and so I hope to rectify these issues as an update in the very near future and to expand the product line.


Tony Brotherton
Roleplay Geek Publishing
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RGP011 - Sci-Fi Scenics - Set 1 - Hover Taxi and Hover Car
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