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Shadowrun: Missions: Free Taiwan $0.00
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/14/2012 05:55:47

This is a very interesting adventure and would have still been a great product at the usual Shadowrun Missions price point. Given that it is free, it is an excellent opportunity to showcase Catalysts' best game line - and an opportunity they have not wasted.

'Free Taiwan' is a fairly simple module, designed for convention play and the designers have kept the pace moving, the plot succinct and added notes as to which scenes can be dropped if time is tight. For those playing at home, this isn't an issue, but makes the module perfect for a one-night filler.

The plot focuses on a snatch and grab, and offers enterprising and imaginative players a very broad sandbox in which they can play. Whilst the plot is moderately linear (as one would expect), the manner in which characters travel between plot points is surprisingly open. I'd highly recommend though, that a GM have a few contingency plans in place, just in case players freeze when given open choice, and the module does offer some advice towards this.

There is a GM note at the beginning about managing players which I do think is completely unnecessary. Anyone who plays Shadowrun, and is a mature human being shouldn't need to be managed, but I do understand the need to play to the lowest common denominator (especially at conventions).

That said, I'd highly recommend this for any Shadowrunning group with more than a couple of 'runs under their belt (it wouldn't be the best introduction to the game). I can't wait to run this with my group as this sort of freedom is just the sort of gaming they live for. The authors have produced another fine instalment to the series, and my faith in the quality of SR titles this year could not be higher.

The additional pictures included in this module are a brilliant idea. There are some creature and vehicle pictures included that add a lot of value to the story. I would like to see this sort of design incorporated into future modules, as they will come in very handy.

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Shadowrun: Missions: Free Taiwan
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