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Captain's Logs from the Sandbox 01: The Relief Mission $2.65
Publisher: Occult Moon
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/23/2012 11:16:43

Herein inspiration for a science-fiction GM: if too busy to write something, or in need of a 'side-trip' to amuse the characters, or even something from which much more may result, take a look.

The premise is simple. Disasters still happen, and someone has to bring help, even in the vastness of space. That's you. Load up with medical supplies and head on out...

You get a sketch map of the disaster area, brief notes on the situation and the wider scene (several condending pocket empires, but general enough to be twisted to fit what's going on in your universe), details of the planetary system in question, a few hazards to sling around... and then the really good bits. Several 'complications' with various outcomes you can mix and match with the characters' actions to make a challenging adventure. To round it off, broad outlines of some of the characters you might meet.

Simple in concept, and even in execution - but spawns ideas a-plenty. Now, where can I find a starship-full of unsuspecting characters?

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Captain's Logs from the Sandbox 01: The Relief Mission
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