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Deadlands: Aces & Eights Soundtrack $15.00 $3.75
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Raymond A C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/01/2012 13:15:09

Game soundtracks seem to be a mixed bag at times. Some seem to miss the mark badly, others sound like they'd be better suited to a movie (Insert Request For RPG Movies That Don't Suck).

PEG, however, has done an excellent job of getting a group together to create an atmospheric feel that works perfectly for their own Deadlands: The Weird West game, as well as something the could be used for almost any "Slightly Off" Western game. Aces & Eights: Dead Man's Hand (A reference to the poker hand that "Wild" Bill Hickok held when he was shot in the back and died IRL and in the game history), picks up where the previous Deadlands: Weird Wailin's left off. A perfect thing to have playing softly in the background while the group is dealing with all the various horrors and claimjumpers that they're dealing with in game. It's very Western feel is touched off by being just slightly off in some fashion, such as a beat-up upright piano that slowly goes more and more out of tune.

Aces & Eights intersects its music with random effects, such as gunfire, fearful breathing, and other effects that, while not exactly music, do fit the atmosphere nicely.

With the inclusion of official MP3 options, this makes for a good ability for a GM to have the item playing in the background not just at home on their CD-Player, but also through small speakers and an MP3-Player, or on a Laptop/Tablet with the PDF books at hand.

I would suggest this product to any GM that enjoys a bit of atmosphere with their games.

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Deadlands: Aces & Eights Soundtrack
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