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Serene Fist Set Three: Ninja vs Samurai 2 $2.45
Publisher: Okumarts Games
by Philip S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/01/2012 17:07:14

Yet another brilliantly drawn title from what has become my favorite artist here. The art style is wonderful, the color variations offer great customization for any campaign setting, and what's more, the easter eggs (which I won't disclose) are wonderful and offer a great addition to any Japanese-themed campaign setting. For any fan of Japan, or East-Asia, this is a must-have title. This 5-out-of-5 stars is not only for art style, but historical accuracy (as a hobby I study military history, but especially love Japanese history, I'm able to name the individual pieces of a suit of o-yoroi samurai armor), but also for the mythological additions as well. For anyone reading this, this title is very much worth the humble $2.50 price.

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Serene Fist Set Three: Ninja vs Samurai 2
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