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Mega Townscapes: Human Town $9.99
Publisher: D20 Cartographer
by JERRY M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/13/2012 08:59:08

I really liked this set. Lots of buioldings with exterior and interior views.


Because of the layout of the town, a lot of the buildings end up being split onto multiple print pages with only a small portion of the building on each page. This becomes even more apparent in the "individual buildings" files where you end up with a lot of whitespace and then just a corner of the building.

Some of this comes from the unusual alignment that the buildings are laid out in in the town. However, for individual files, I'd much rather have the plans laid out in standard up down left right format. MAny of the plans would have fit easily onto one or two pages that way instead of on 1/4 - 1/3 of 4 to six pages at odd angles.

Its a minor thing, but it really adds to the prep time needed for a GM to print and sort and arrange the plans.

It would have been nice to have printable building interiors that were easy to use to make your own town layouts with this.

Other than that, its a nice set. (But maybe you could update it with the separate maps realigned better?)

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Creator Reply:
Hi there! I wanted think thank you for your review and talk about the format for the "easy print" files.

In order to ensure maximum compatibility, the 'easy print' PDF files are designed with the standard required margin for most printers (.25 inches on all sides) built in. One of the outcomes was that smaller buildings (say, 11x8) just barely couldn't fit on one page. Once spread across two (or more for larger buildings or multiple levels), it does seem to have a lot of white-space and require a small amount of taping. A lot of experimentation was done to try and minimize the number of pages that any particular building may require: given that the map was designed artistically first and formatted for print second, this ended up being the best layout. (for anyone who is unclear on what we mean, definitely check out the free sample Tavern download. It should be a good visual aid for the formatting of the rest of the buildings)

Should you be interested in building your own maps by rearranging furniture, definitely check out the individual building files in the VTT portion of the download: these empty building 'shells' come as a full, single .jpg files, and dragging/dropping the included objects should be a piece of cake! One of the added bonuses of doing it this way is that you can print from from a single image, tiling it across multiple pages or applying any other print options/formatting/cropping you would like!

Thanks again for the feedback, and happy gaming!

--D20 Cartographer
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Mega Townscapes: Human Town
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