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#1 With a Bullet Point: 4 Feats for Spells that Raise the Dead $1.00
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Joshua G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/20/2012 01:47:18

Continuing the Summer of Bullets with another addition to the Bullet Point series, Owen brings us 4 Feats for Spells that Raise the Dead. Standard Bullet format with 3 pages, 3 column landscape orientation, and top notch editing. Each of the recent Bullet Points has targeted a specific spell and or group of spells, and this particular addition is no different, aiming straight for those various spells used to return life to the dead. Obviously, there are far to many of these spells (thanks to the immense amount of 3PP sources, lol) to list here, but I imagine you all get the idea. So lets go over them, see what we're getting this time.

Ferryman allows for characters who must prepare their spells to burn a spell they have prepared to instead cast a life restoring spell from their spell list (as long as level requirements are met). Have no fears, for the spontaneous casters, Owen's got you covered also, as well as throwing in a nice perk in regards to material components. Over all, this is a seriously cool feat, and is in my opinion the type of feat any support healer character should have in their arsenal of tricks. Well done!

Lore From Beyond the Pale covers an idea I have always loved from movies and books wherein a character returns from the dead...the information gained from being on the other side. Whereas it doesnt give you an open door to go nuts for gaining information (well played Owen), it does allow for one specific question to be asked at a specific time, with the form of the answer being up to the GM. Now, although the feat does not specifically state that the being being raised can/will not lie in answering, the implication is there, so a GM feeling like being “that guy” is still free to drop misinformation, as it is only an implication.

Rebirth offers up the ultimate in Fantasy Witness Protection, lol. You don't have to just raise the dead back to their old life, you can literally allow one being raised to “reform” age, new name (even in regards to mystic purposes), redistribution of ability and skill points, the whole works. Now, I can see some folks thinking this is too much to put in the hands of players...but really, you get to the point that a player can bring the dead back to life, we're already talking about some pretty wicked power in their hands. And this, this has potential to allow a GM to pull off some pretty wicked things...go back to my opening line if you will, a Fantasy Witness Protection Program...OK, stop laughing, seriously...the PC's just finished totally trouncing your big bad evil dude, he's dead, a half year of planning down the drain, now what? Simple, raise his butt, give him a new face, a new name, and a whole new skill/feat set...with all of that desire for revenge...that's the type of potential that makes a feat really cool for some serious story affecting ability.

Selfless Resurrection is for those moments of true selfless sacrifice, allowing you to turn the casting of spells that restore life as a standard action, with the drawback of gaining a negative level. On top of that, you can take on the negative levels the creature you are raising should be getting...see why I referred to this as sacrifice? I can see several moments of deep role-play where such a feat would be an awesome thing in the hands of the right player, and I love that to use it costs the player so much. In addition, if used in conjunction with breath of life, the length of time that the dead can be in such a state and still be raised by you is determined by your Con bonus.

Final thoughts on this one, I can't think of anything negative to say...period. I thought at first I was not going to be happy with only 4 feats, I did. But then I read them, and they each bring enough to the table that they justify there being only 4 in this Bullet Point. One of the better Bullet Points in my opinion, I am giving this a 6 star rating, rounding down to a 5 for the purposes of this forum.

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#1 With a Bullet Point: 4 Feats for Spells that Raise the Dead
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