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ICONS: Jailbreak! $5.00
Publisher: Ad Infinitum Adventures
by Chris H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/01/2012 01:39:25

Put your superheroes in the slammer, and pit them against a villain who’s part Arcade, part Riddler, and part Scarlet Witch—that’s what Eddy Webb helps you do in “Jailbreak.” The storyline is a winner and sure to be fun at your gaming table. Webb makes good use of temporary challenges, and gives good advice about running the riddle scenes. The major villain can be a load of laughs, and yet a serious threat at the same time; he’s a great candidate for a recurring villain. Aside from a few errors that slipped through—the most annoying being the inconsistent spelling of a major offstage personality’s name as “Bertram Lucky” (twice) and “Bertram Luck” (twice)—“Jailbreak” is one of the grammatically cleanest products that Adamant has published for ICONS. As always, Dan Houser’s art enriches the product. If you’re an ICONS GM, or you want to be, don’t hesitate to add “Jailbreak” to your collection.

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ICONS: Jailbreak!
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