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City-States of Mars: Korium $7.95
Publisher: Adamant Entertainment
by Ralf K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/14/2012 07:40:58

I really like the MARS setting. Korium is a good place to center a campaign. The City is well described, has colorfull NPC's that suit a planetary romances / word and scientist setting. The inhabitants of the city are not arrogant old Martians but former nomads. So you have proud, honorfull citizens that your players have to like. ;-)

The City sounds very good to center a campaign around it. Its possible to play as corsairs, palace guards and nobles, adventurer and explorer. There are many targets for expeditions, enemys and shemes.

There are many, many adventure hooks. Many of them are clever hooks, weaving the enemys of the city in the hooks. But most of the time they are still only hooks, so the GM need to put a lot of work in such hook to get a adventure out of it. I would have prefered fewer "hooks" but more details-More like the Savage tales that are part of many savage worlds campaigns, but other surely prefer many hooks instead some savage tales.

The bad: There are many typos in the text. Normaly I didnt see them, but at this text they really stand out. Sometimes I get the feeling I read a old scan that get OCR'ed.

The stats: I get the feeling that most NPC's have way to high parry. For example, Itaana-Intense Scholar have fighting d4, but Parry 7. Even with the 1 for her Rapier she should have Parry 5. And a Rapier should have a damage of Str+d4, not d6. And that was only one example.

The rules for the races are nice but some notations sounds more like d20-rules(for example TEST AGIL) and the whole text about races seems structureless.

To sum up: A nice, likeable city. many hooks, many typos. As I write this its reduced to barely 4$. For this price you couldnt do wrong! I could imagine using it for something like space 1889, too.

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City-States of Mars:  Korium
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