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Sonic Stock: Foxy (Royalty Free Music) $5.00
Publisher: Fishwife Games
by Chris H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/01/2012 19:16:36

In almost every way, “Foxy” is one of Dave Woodrum’s best musical offerings to date (September 1, 2012). The composition, orchestration (heavy on strings, winds, and indistinct vocals), and (digital) performance combine very nicely here to evoke a sense of mystery and danger—perhaps not immediate danger, but it’s lurking out there somewhere. This track loops fairly well; if you’re into your game, you won’t even notice. Fishwife would have done better to put “Sonic Stock” in the album field of the ID3 tags rather than the (currently overloaded) title field, but other than that, there’s pretty much no negative to this piece except for the rather high price. I presume the $5 pricetag reflects the perpetual royalty-free license that accrues when you buy the track, since the track isn’t especially lengthy.

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Sonic Stock: Foxy (Royalty Free Music)
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