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The Shadow Over Innsmouth Vol.1 (bundle) $3.50 $2.42
Publisher: Darkling Harp
by Dustin W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/25/2012 14:26:51

On the whole, this soundtrack is a very solid one for any Cthulhu-based survival horror RPG, what with how well each of these songs evokes a sense of mystery and, in some cases, dread. However, I do feel that there are times when these tracks tend to "blend in" with one another when played back to back and hence lose their distinction. It would help, therefore, for the second volume of this soundtrack to include at least one piece within it that has plenty of intensity and as such could be characteristic of some sort of struggle or chase scene involving some monster or other simply for the sake of breaking up the monotony between each of the songs and as such making the soundtrack sound and even feel more dynamic as a collective whole. It's this kind of variety that makes James Semple's work for Pelgrane Press so memorable, after all, and I honestly believe that if Tim Fatchen could somehow take a cue from him to a small extent while otherwise maintaining his own unique sound, I've no doubt that his Shadow Over Innsmouth series would fully encompass the full nature of H.P. Lovecraft's signature series. Otheriwse, yes, I would recommend this soundtrack so far to anyone who's curious enough to lend it an ear.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
A review! Thank you Dustin Weber, it's great to get feedback especially when you're new on the block and trying to work out what should go where! And I thank you for the compliments; I like the music too! ;) I'm impressed by the Pelgrane Press music, too...high bar.

But you have indeed put your finger on the gap. Yes, I did worry and wonder. Now I know! Yep, there needs to be at least some intense action in the whole Innsmouth series. Rest assured there will be a seriously action segment (they did, in the end, bomb and depth charge The Reef!), and it will be in what's intended to be the Part 2 bundle once its production is cleaned up.

[Part 2 was supposed to follow Part 1 quickly, like a month after the first release, but I regret a whole lot of things went badly wrong--still are--and it's going to take till Christmas to finish production on the songs in it. I thought about releasing individually before completion of the whole Part 2 album but I loathe buying several things at full price and then having "Buy the Set cheaper!" suddenly appear--yes I know RPGNow has ways to provide for that but I'm still getting up to speed!]
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The Shadow Over Innsmouth Vol.1 (bundle)
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