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Thornburg Pay What You Want
Publisher: At the Table Games
by Bruce B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/30/2012 13:55:11

I liked this a lot. It's short but it's rich in eccentric personalities, great fodder for continuing interactions. As a GM, I'm very much prone to overwriting, with a lot of detail that never gets used. Thornburg shows how to use a game like Dungeon World right, focusing on hooks that will actually matter in play. Each of the people and places has something a bit off about it (or way more than a bit), and doesn't tell you what's "actually" up with any of them. But each one is a standing invention to a group's players to guess, propose, discuss, debate, and otherwise invent their way into fun, dramatic messes.

I'm also very, very happy with the author's response to a couple of questions in private messaging: super fast and thoroughly gentlemanly and generous. I'll be looking for more like this.

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