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The Dream $6.62
Publisher: Nightfall Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/28/2012 05:44:52

It's hard to sweep a problem under the carpet when it slides between the bristles of your brush.

This atmospheric supplement for SLA Industries provides yet another challenge to those who would keep the world safe for the ordinary consumers who dwell therein - monsters spawned from very dreams, and a plague that 'greys-out' people until they fade away like an old black and white photograph. Worse, these monsters do not die when you fire bullets at them, at best they fade away only to return a day or two later!

In a fascinating delve into the history and politics of SLA Industries itself (the company, not the game, I mean) we hear how they have long known about this problem and attempted to keep it away from public notice. If you and your group delight in the politics and intrigue underlying the World of Progress, this supplement is definitely for you. Even if your players are content picking up the next BPN and dealing with whatever problem it contains, here you will find fertile ground to develop new and ever more challenging things for them to do.

There's a lot to take aboard, but it repays careful study. Much is background and ideas, rather than actual threats, although there are quite a few new 'monsters' - the Shadow entities - to throw into your game. There's also new equipment and skills to aid in the fight against them. One interesting point is that most of the book is intended for in-character use, at least once the characters begin to dig into forbidden knowledge, with just a couple of pages as suggestions for the GM.

You'll have to put in a fair bit of work to incorporate this material into your game, but it will repay the effort, bringing a new and horrific edge to the next few BPNs...

[5 of 5 Stars!]