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The Squared Circle:Wrestling RPG $5.00
Publisher: Day Dreamer Interactive
by Kevin B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/02/2013 01:16:36

I have enjoyed pro wrestling and everything surrounding it for about twenty years now so when I see a rpg that deals with it my curiosity is peaked. I am happy to say that I was happy with my purchase. I don't think the game is overly complex as others have said and I think it gives a pretty good vehicle for simulating the various aspects of the business.

The match system actually feels like a real rpg combat system which other wrestling rpgs seem to lack. It runs pretty smoothly and covers aspects such as heat, how over a wrestler is, types of angles and other things outside of the actual blow by blow of a match. The blow by blow takes a bit of time to get used to, but once the flow is down it's easy to master. The stats the wrestlers have work really well in simulating the ability of a given competitor. It does this better than any other wrestling game I've seen. The system also does a good job of providing an advancement system for wrestlers. It gives them something to shoot for other than winning matches. Merchandising is covered, along with contracts and other details that a real wrestler would be concerned with.

I think the best part of the game other than the wrestling simulation itself is the option to build a promotion. Nearly every factor a fan or even someone in the business could think of is accounted for here. Funding, personnel, ratings, ppv buys and of course signing wrestlers are all included in building a promotion and they are combined in a way that is easy to understand and use without being overly simplified.

The one thing I would say that actually bothered me was the bad grammar used throughout the book. If you are going to sell something like this to the public take the time to spell check and edit your work.

The last thing I have an issue with is the fact that the community seems to have died off a bit. The Angels and Vixens supplement appears to be the latest offering from Daydreamer and I have not been able to find a big community online for this game just yet. It's been out a few years now and the buzz could be off this title. At least the forums at the website have some posts from 2012 on them. Regardless, this game gives a great simulation of the wrestling business and is worthy of being picked up again by another wave of wrestling rpg fans.

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The Squared Circle:Wrestling RPG
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