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Rapture: The End of Days, Sci-Fi Soundscapes Set 1 - Void Souls $2.99 $1.99
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Carl P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/16/2013 00:36:55

'Soundscapes Set 1' is the kind of supplement you can only produce for a digital age game and is only ever produced by forward thinking game designers. 'Soundscapes Set 1' comes with four audio files, each between five and eight minutes long. The pack also comes with a .PDF that describes the audio files and suggests when you might use them. The .PDF part is really useful and a good quick reference but let's be honest, everybody wants to know how the music is. Gamers have known for years how important music can be but it's so rare to find music that has been specifically written for the game you are playing. Storyweaver has seen the possibilities of modern gaming and used them to meet the desires of the gaming community and that is just all kinds of awesome.

The ambient music files themselves range from low, eerie, repetitive sounds designed to give you the creeps to musical tracks meant to give a feeling of the vast, emptiness of space. And as far as it goes for ambient music, they do a really good job. The second track in particular, 'Atmospheric Depression' has this really tense, foreboding sound like you're alone in some industrial horror, derelict space ship and any moment a monster might leap out at you and all hell will break loose. And that is exactly what a game of Rapture is like so I guess you can call it perfectly suited. The one track that doesn't work as well is the final track, 'Lab Time'. This one isn't bad, it just seems to have a more narrow usage than the others. 'Soundscapes 1' is a really good intro pack into the Rapture Soundscapes series and the first three tracks feel like they could be used in just about every game for a different kind of scenebut 'Lab Time' doesn't feel like it offers much on the whole. It's similar to 'Atmospheric Depression' but has a more frantic feel. I guess it's something between the tense isolation of 'Atmospheric Depression' and the in your face horror of an action scene but the change from those two moments is so fast, I don't think it needs its own ambience. But don't let that deter you. 'Soundscapes Set 1: Void Souls' is a fantastic bundle. The audio quality is out standing and I guarantee that your Rapture game will have a place for these files. Three excellent pieces and one pretty good piece is the kind of ratio I usually only expect in a package of cup cakes and I'll be getting far more use out of 'Soundscapes Set 1'.

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Rapture: The End of Days, Sci-Fi Soundscapes Set 1 - Void Souls
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